Monday, August 2, 2010

Dear Best Friend

I appreciate that you're always there. Your advice is simple, yet it works. It seems without you I would stumble in the dark with my hands in front of me grasping blindly for dangerous objects.

I admit, we have had our troubles. We don't always agree, but we have our reasons. It seems our minds are never made up, and we never quite agree to one single idea, nor do we stay with one idea for long.

We bounce around until we run into something so deep-seeded within us, we stick to it like dew on a chilly spring morning. Ideas like deism, people like John Locke, books like Eragon, movies like Fight Club. We choose to, above all else, look into these. And I've noticed they're all thought-provoking ideas or things. I guess that's what makes us so close yet so disagreeable.

But we have our issues. We can never pick a singular path. In the end, we merge two ideas. It never really ends up the way we want it to, either. Yet we always pick up the pieces and try again. We never give up. Remember that guy who gave up? Neither does anyone else.

But our issues also seem singular. The different sides of us always suffer together, and always come up with different solutions. In the end, the simplest one is the one that would have worked.

But the worst of it all is the fact that I have no best friend. I have friends, good friends, great friends, but no best friend. I am my own best friend, and my different moods and ideas make me swing from one person to another all within my one body.

I hope this made sense. Today sucked.

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